"This isn't about us, this is about what we can do for the fans."

Please welcome to the stage...


"He's a DJ that can fill up a dance floor."

Despite technical issues ReDGE has the skills to manually assess and adapt. Although on the leading edge of technology with wireless headphones and glowing aethetics that will lead the crowd to intrigue, ReDGE hasn't forgotten that it's the music that draws the crowd together. He's a DJ that can fill up a dance floor. As you can see by these series of videos what begins as an empty dance floor becomes a fun filled rave that leaves people talking; it's positive draw to the convention, for their night, and for years to come.

Got a DJ that connects to the crowd on an emotional & intimate level that they start chanting his personal name?

Give yourself some thought. Give yourself the benefit of a doubt. Give yourself the opportunity to book this DJ. If you want more time for people talk and develop buzz for your convention, why not develop a legend for yourself? Finish the night off right and celebrate, and dance for free by adding yourself to the mailing list of conventions wanting in on a promotional DJ that can get you the right mood, the right material, and the right promo to help your convention succeed.

Crowd Pleaser

From anime themed classics, to relevant releases today, to memorable games of the past, to gems that inspired our childhood, ReDGE understands current, popular songs and trends to hunt down the right remixes that are rarely heard anywhere else, yet are so familiar to the heart. He's a crowd pleaser that knows how, "Gets the people moving."
   "You gotta get the crowd moving with what their familiar with, and then take them into unknown territory; a journey."
    He plays for the crowd, unlike other DJs that just play their own favorite tunes that are unfamiliar - playing what they want - instead of what the crowd needs.

Mixing Ability
Some DJs are stuck on one genre, one set speed of Beats Per Minute (BPM). ReDGE knows there's nothing dynamic about a stagnant set. The old technique is play fast songs to get them into a fast groove however that leaves the crowd exhausted and thinned out by nights end. Dabbing into different genres and changing up tempo to start things slow he can do what other DJs are afraid to do. He is a Multi-Genre, Multi-BPM Mix, BPM Jumping DJ. Using a combination of Harmonic Mixing, Bass Swaps, Drops, ReDGE uses his knowledge over the theory of mixing to avoid being a "Push Button DJ". He doesn't simply push play, he commands the music using said theory into practice being able to mix off-

Key yet compatible songs into one. He knows how to use the tempo fader and match the crowd's needs to have them screaming. No-Sync, Real Skill, Much Anime, All Game.